Resources to Help You Prepare for November’s Election

This year’s general election is on November 2 and ballots will arrive soon. In years past, the Greenwood Community Council has hosted an election forum at the Taproot Theatre. We had hoped to hold a forum this fall, but given the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19, we have decided not to host an election forum this year.

Instead, we are sharing useful election resources including campaign information and links to candidate forums others have recently held. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to learn about the candidates before voting.

Where to Find info on Races, Candidates and Campaigns
This year’s election includes races for Mayor, two at-large council members, City Attorney, County Executive, port commissioners, and school board members. You can find out what races will be on your ballot by visiting the county’s Virtual Voters’ Pamphlet. There you will find links to the candidate’s statements and links to their websites if you’d like to explore further. 

Where to Find Debates
Several groups have held debates that you can watch on YouTube without even putting on a mask! Below are links to some that you might find interesting and relevant. You can find more through simple searches on YouTube. 

The Greenwood Community Council is disappointed that we’re unable to continue our tradition of an in-person candidate forum this year, but encourage you to learn about the candidates and vote on or before November 2.

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  1. hi, did the mailing i received from the Greenwood Neighbors Committee come from this organization? When I try to find info on them online, nothing but this site shows up. I would like to get my address off their mailing list.
    Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.

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