Get Involved with the Greenwood Community Council

The Greenwood Community Council is a group of volunteers working to build community in Greenwood; provide opportunities to interact with the many people who impact our neighborhood; and provide information, resources and support to help Greenwood voices be heard and make a difference.

We are always looking for help! Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being contacted to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Click on topics below to learn more about things you could help with:
Updating, improving or writing for the website

We've been improving the website, but if you've looked around the site you've probably noticed that it's far from complete and there's a lot left to be done. We'd like this site to become the go-to resource for anyone who wants to get involved in the neighborhood or issues that affect it. Here are examples of things we would love some help with:

  • Monitor building projects and update the projects page
  • Monitor issues or projects the city is involved in
  • Write any of the pages on the site that aren't done yet
  • Help keep resources lists up to date
  • Add interesting articles to the interesting articles list
  • Help with technical things us mere mortals have trouble with
Monitoring issues or projects

Theres more going on in the neighborhood and the city than any of us can keep up with. To be most effective, it would be fantastic if we had a group of people who take it on themselves to monitor something important that may escape others' attention and keep us informed. Keeping people informed could include:

  • Providing updates at membership meetings or to the board
  • Writing an article for the website
  • Updating lists or status items on the website
  • Preparing a presentation or inviting a speaker to a meeting
  • Proposing a community council position or action on the subject

Here are some examples of the kinds of things that need we should be following, with more help:

  • One or more building development projects
  • City grant processes
  • Understanding and tracking the city budget
  • Following the debates over zoning and affordable housing
  • Emergency preparedness activities in the neighborhood
  • Contacting people who don't normally attend meetings or get heard on issues
Helping organize membership meetings or presentations

Meetings take a lot of work, but they give the opportunity for face-to-face discussion that lets people understand others' points of view and find solutions to problems with broader support. While the internet polarizes issues and helps people filter out information that doesn't support their beliefs, meeting face-to-face works against polarization and helps empower people to be heard.

The tasks needed for good meetings include:

  • Thinking up good meeting topics
  • Finding good speakers and inviting them
  • Preparing presentations to help people understand a difficult issue
  • Taking good notes
  • Bringing sign-in sheets and entering new contacts in mailing list
  • (Bringing or organizing snacks??)
  • Helping get the word out
Joining the Board

The GCC Board manages the day to day activities and program of the community council. The board decides what should be done at membership meetings, proposes GCC positions to take to a membership meeting for a vote, decides priorities and directions forward. In practice, the board often do a lot of the work to plan meetings and other volunteer activities described on this page. When we have an active, enthusiastic board, we get a lot done.

Board members must attend monthly board meetings, and take on one or more core board responsibilities. Everyone who lives, works or owns property in Greenwood is welcome, although we especially encourage you to nominate yourself if you would make our board membership more diverse.

We have elections each year in March or April for vacant positions. This year all positions will be open to election, although some current board members may choose to run to keep their current positions. If you've opened up and read all of this, please give some thought to joining our board! If you indicate you're interested, a current board member will contact you to discuss your interest and give you a better sense of what's needed and involved.

Current board positions are defined in the bylaws, but the actual duties are flexible and negotiable among board members, and may be updated over the coming year. Defined positions include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Land Use Chair
  • Transportation Chair
  • Health and Safety Chair
  • Community Engagement Chair
  • Immediate Past President