No GCC Meeting Tonight (January 21)

For the past couple of years the Greenwood Community Council has generally met on the third Tuesday of odd-numbered months – which is an odd schedule to remember, and today I forgot as well.  This would normally be our January meeting night, but if you were planning to go please don’t because we will not meet this month (and my sincere apology for this ridiculously last minute note – now five minutes before the meeting time).

Over the past couple of months we have been regrouping a bit.  We’ve had some board turnover.  We thought that our reservation for the library meeting space was ongoing, but in fact it expired at the end of the year and other groups have booked the space for January and February.  We missed a meeting in November because all of us were too busy.

Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to go back to a monthly schedule, and have booked the library meeting room for the remainder of the year on third tuesdays of each month beginning in March.  The board is in agreement on this.  Our original intent in meeting less frequently was to produce more interesting and well planned meetings; instead I think we’ve lost a lot of people who might attend if we met on a predictable monthly basis with a more standard agenda that provides a speaker on a current topic and updates about ongoing neighborhood issues from people following them.

We are trying to arrange a meeting in February at an alternative location, we’re seeking new members for our board, and we’re looking for ideas about how to focus our meetings and activities to be most relevant to you and Greenwood.  I will write again with a more complete update soon.  Please let me know by replying to this message if you have thoughts, suggestions, or want to get involved.

— Rob Fellows, GCC President

One thought on “No GCC Meeting Tonight (January 21)”

  1. Rob, I would certainly attend a monthly meeting if I can count on the date and look forward to some speaker.

    I’d be interested in a board position if you’re still looking for members — but I have no idea what the duties are.

    Would our former Mayor also resume his activity in the council? He would at least make a great speaker.

    As a postscript, I find our relationship with the NW Council confusing. Anyway, I got a notice on the eve of the meeting that the NW council met yesterday (1/22) at the Senior Center. I didn’t make it and wonder why people who have attended in the past can’t receive an alert to the next meeting a bit earlier.

    Dennis Ortblad, 149 NW 82nd Street, Seattle

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