Greenwood Land Use Committee Meeting – 7PM Tuesday, October 13th

Reminder our next meeting will be 7PM Tuesday, October 13th, at Couth Buzzard.

Response to Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan

The City (DPD) released the Draft Comprehensive Plan on July 8th for public review and comment through November 20th.  On Sept. 15th, the GCC general meeting was primarily dedicated to presenting an overview of the draft comprehensive plan.  The goal for next Tuesday’s meeting is to review the comments received from GCC members , discuss commentary and analysis by others, and develop a response to bring forward to the GCC for the general meeting on November 17th.


7:00 Begin Meeting and Introductions

7:10 Review GCC comments from Sept. 15

7:20 Review analysis and commentary by others (see links below)

7:40 Develop outline for response from GCC to DPD

8:15 Assign action items for individuals on responses

8:30 Adjourn


City website for background:

Policy Comparison by DPD:

Analysis by others:

GCC Overview

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