SDOT Online Open House on Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge over I-5

Forwarding this email from SDOT:
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My name is a Cayla Ravancho and I’m emailing you on behalf of the Seattle Department of Transportation and the Northgate ped/bike bridge project. I hope this message finds you well.

You may know about (or got the chance to attend) our open house that took place earlier this month. In addition to the event, we have an online open house that will be live through this Thursday 8/24. The link includes a survey that will help inform the next phase of design planning, and also has comment spaces for bikers/walkers to provide feedback. We’d love to hear from as many community members as possible, and would greatly appreciate it if you invited members of  the Northgate Coalition to participate by sending the link along.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  Cayla Ravancho 
Project Coordinator
Stepherson & Associates Communications
Mobile: (360) 464-3398
Work: (206) 257-2857

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