Land Use Rescheduled for Nov. 10, 2016 – Greenwood Urban Village Zoning Changes

NOTE: Rescheduled to avoid Nov. 8 Election Day activities.
Location: Couth Buzzard Books
The City HALA has released draft maps illustrating zoning changes for the Greenwood-Phinney Ridge Urban Village.  Changes include the MHA overlay and minor zonings changes. Not illustrated on the maps are changes to the zoning definitions for Low Rise and Single Family zones that are occurring in parallel. We will review the maps, zoning definitions, and also proactively consider beneficial zoning changes immediately north of the Urban Village along Greenwood Ave.


7:00 Begin Meeting and Introductions

7:10 Review Development Proposals in Greenwood

7:30 Draft Urban Village Zoning Changes

8:20 Assign action items

8:30 Adjourn

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