Get Involved in Greenwood and the Greenwood Community Council!

Have you ever thought about getting more involved in your neighborhood?


May is Get Involved Month

Every year, the Greenwood Community Council looks for new board members and volunteers, and we could use your help now! There is a lot going on in Seattle and it’s hard to keep up. We are an all-volunteer group focused on helping Greenwood residents and businesses get involved in the neighborhood, and to make sure the Greenwood community has a vision and a voice. 

We provide:
  – Face to face dialogue to counter divisiveness and find compromises
  – Opportunities to talk directly with people shaping Greenwood
  – An open forum for all perspectives
  – Information and resources to get involved in the community

And most of the time we have a good time doing it – join us!
We are looking for people interested in chipping in:
  – Monitoring key issues affecting the neighborhood
  – Creating a better website, with news, information and resources
  – Writing for the new opinion blog we’re thinking about
  – Helping plan meetings on current topics
  – Joining our board, where we have openings now

If you’re at all interested, please check out our volunteer page to see some of the things we’d like help with and learn how to get involved.  While you’re there, take a look around our newly redesigned website and you’ll see there are many pages and resources missing – another example of something you could help with. And if you have any interest in joining our board we’d particularly like to hear from you. We’ll schedule a time to meet and discuss your thoughts and interests over a beverage of your choice. Please give it some thought – there’s a lot going on!

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