November Meeting: How Should Greenwood Weigh In on Land Use Changes

This Tuesday Evening:
How Should Greenwood Weigh In on the Biggest Citywide
Land Use Changes in Decades?

zones-graphic-cityGreenwood Community Council Membership Meeting
Tuesday November 15, 7:00 pm
Razzi’s Downstairs Meeting Room – 8523 Greenwood Ave. N


Seattle is preparing to make city-wide changes to zoning that will change the allowable height of all multi-family buildings by one story, change single family zoning within designated “urban villages” into a new zoning category, and alter what massing and designs are allowed in specific zones, among other things. Added height is part of a “grand bargain” with developers in return for dedicating roughly 6% of new housing to affordable units, and the other changes are aimed at increasing Seattle’s density to increase walking and transit use.

On Tuesday the Greenwood Community Council meeting will help understand what is proposed, provide time for community discussion on the issues. Join us in a special location – downstairs at Razzi’s – for pizza and a slightly extended meeting to digest some complicated material (and I’m not talking about the pizza.) At the end of the meeting we will ask whether GCC should weigh in on the proposed changes and how. 

Please join us! If you’re able to contribute for pizza, that will be appreciated.

One thought on “November Meeting: How Should Greenwood Weigh In on Land Use Changes”

  1. I want to come, but there is a vigil for 350 Seattle tonight at the Ballard Locks to send a message to the Army Corps of Engineers who are now going to sit down with Standing Rock Sioux for “input”. Will someone be taking video and if so will it be posted and if it is will it have a comment thread?

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