About the GCC

The GCC was formed primarily to provide a public forum for the discussion of community concerns. It has been and will continue to be recognized as an official voice for community communication with all necessary governmental bodies, whether in support of or in opposition to actions that affect Greenwood.

Greenwood is physically defined as the area between 8th Avenue on the west, 105th on the north, Aurora Ave. on the east, and 75th on the south. Our neighbors to the south, in Phinney Ridge, share the neighborhood plan with Greenwood.

The Greenwood Community Council meets on the Third Tuesday of every month at the Greenwood Branch of the Seattle Public Library from 7 pm to 9 pm. Any changes in that schedule will be posted. Meetings are open to the public and everyone is strongly encouraged to attend.

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The Greenwood Community Council is a member of the Northwest District Council.
Information on the NW District Council can be found via the following web sites:

The Northwest District Council is a member of the Seattle City Neighborhood Council (CNC).
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The CNC is aided by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON) (http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods), who report to the Seattle City Council (http://www.seattle.gov/council/).