Presentations from January’s Meeting on Transportation

The GCC membership meeting on January 16, 2018 featured a panel discussion of transportation issues in Greenwood. Here are the presentations:

First, Rob Fellows gave a survey overview of transportation issues in the neighborhood. Rob is the GCC President and a member of the board of Feet First.

Transportation in Greenwood, January 2018


Justin Martin and Robin Randels presented on what the local neigborhood greenways group and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is working on in Greenwood and elsewhere

Greenwood Phinney Greenways, and Home Zones Concept

Finally, Doug MacDonald, a Greenwood resident and former State Transportation Secretary, commented on a variety of pedestrian issues in Greenwood and across Seattle.

Transportation in Greenwood, January 2018

Doug also handed out some useful handouts (Unfortunately more investigation is needed to make the links work): 

Transportation in Greenwood, January 2018

and also this handy handout from SDOT:
Client Assistance Memo 2208: Sidewalk Maintenance and Repair


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