Sound Transit 3 and Metro’s Long-Range Vision

Greenwood Community Council Transportation will not be meeting in April. Please check out Sound Transit and Metro Long Range Plan!!

April is a big month for our region’s two significant transit agencies. The Draft Plan for Sound Transit 3, a 25-year $50 billion proposal to expand our light rail network, was released for review and public comments. We also saw King County Metro release their release a draft of their Long Range Plan, a vision for vastly expanded service between now and 2040.

Both agencies are currently soliciting input from the public, and they will be joint-hosting a Community Open House at Ballard High School on April 19th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Both agencies also have very good websites for the respective plans and are seeking feedback through on-line surveys. (Sound Transit 3 Survey can be found here, and the Metro Long Range Plan survey here).

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