Please contact any GCC board member to become an official liaison between the Greenwood community (a.k.a. the GCC) and your organization.


2 thoughts on “Outreach”

  1. The Licton Springs Community Council would like to invite you and/or your representative to our April 15th community meeting, where we will be discussing the future development of the Wilson Pacific Middle School site.
    School rep.s will be there along with rep.s from surrounding communities.
    if you could please give me a contact persons email I will forward our agenda and meeting info.
    liz kearns

  2. Hello,
    My name is Max Ortiz and I am the Teen Director at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club, and I am in charge of a high school group called Keystone. We wanted to know if there is a day that is planned to do a huge community clean up. If not we would love to partner up and plan a day to continue to beautify Greenwood!

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