Land Use – Town Center Development Overview

A brief background:
In 2009 the Greenwood Community Council formed an independent advisory group of local professionals, the Greater Greenwood Design & Development Advisory Group, to encourage responsible development in Greenwood.  They are all volunteers and have nothing to personally gain from the proposed rezone.  They are to remain as a detached third party that can objectively address issues in the community.  Their first project was to address the recurring redevelopment proposals in the Town Center, popularly known as the Fred Meyer development.

In response, the Advisory Group’s approach follows two simultaneous processes or “paths”.  The first path is to study the town center proposal and make recommendations to strengthen neighborhood guidelines and proactively address any future development on in the town center.  They began with a rezone of the commercial core to remove outdated and incongruent zoning.  A piece of that proposal would rezone the properties south, west and north of the core to buffer development and allow growth within the Urban Village.  These solutions are based upon prior community studies arising from past development plans and adopted planning guidelines.  For more information click on the link “Town Center Rezone Proposal” at the top of this page.

The second path directly addresses and offers amendments to the current development based upon the same community studies and adopted planning guidelines.  This path is discussed further in the Specific Recommendations for the Town Center Development.  For more information click on the link “Town Center Development Specific Recommendations” at the top of this page.

Despite the GCC’s and the GGDDAG’s best efforts to involve community members through the typical local blog outlets, we understand that there are community members that are not aware of this process and would have liked to be involved.  Community outreach is another effort in itself.  It is something that is constantly being addressed in volunteer groups who lack sufficient resources and members.  Any volunteers to help would be appreciated.

If you have questions or would like to express support for this proposal please contact the us at the email address below.  If you are opposed to the proposal we would still very much like to hear your opinion.  Please articulate your concerns and send them to the email address below.  Please be patient if you are awaiting a response, we will get to them as quickly as we can.