Land Use – Fred Meyer Redevelopment

Supporting Documentation:
Suggested Fred Meyer Amendments (6 page dated 7.9.2009)

Related Links:
Department of Planning and Development Permit Status

The Greater Greenwood Design & Development Advocacy Group has produced a document that contains a point by point analysis and suggested set of improvements to the proposed Fred Meyer Development project proposed for 100 NW 85th Street in Greenwood, as presented on July 9th.  Click on “Suggested Fred Meyer Amendments” at the top of the page to download the suggested amendments.

Current Status:
Fred Meyer has scaled back their proposal to construct a new mixed-use development and is now planning on remodeling the existing Fred Meyer and the current Greenwood Market buildings. The project is in process at the City.  Details of the current permit status can be found in the Department of Planning and Development Permit Status link above.  For more information click on the link “Department of Planning and Development Permit Status” at the top of this page.