May 2012

GCC president began the meeting at 7:10
8 people were in attendance
No sign-in sheet was distributed. No dues were paid.

There was no April meeting.

General Notes:

  • Business district vitalization seems a top concern.
  • Town Center Rezone to go to City Council Land Use Committee soon.
  • Wetlands demonstration park receives garbage.  Perhaps should develop a “Friends Of Greenwood Bog” (Janet will talk to Gary Brunt).
  • Taproot Expansion may break ground this year.
  • Parks Opportunity Fund – Acquisition still in progress.
  • Art-Beat (art walk with art focused south and beat focused north).


Allison from 81st asked for them across Greenwood by library and was told that it was safe enough.  Other ways to get things ready to be funded

  • Pedestrian Master Plan (PMP).
  • Neighborhood Project Fund (NPF). (2009-168 for example has not been funded yet)
  • Neighborhood Pedestrian Plan ( Hill).

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Submitted by: J. C. V., Secretary GCC. questions and/or corrections please send emails to:

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