March 2010

Date: Tuesday March 16, 2010 Location: Greenwood Library

Acting President Trevor Stanley called the meeting to order at 7:14pm

  1. 7:14-7:16 Trevor made introductions and read the current agenda, noting that the SPD is still assessing values for the 3 parks acquisition properties being considered for the Greenwood/Phinney Urban Village under the Neighborhood Parks Acquisition program. The 3 properties being considered are
    1. abandoned gas station at Greenwood and 68th
    2. Quik Stop/Aloha Japanese Noodles/Manna Teriyaki building at Greenwood
    3. Dry Cleaners at Greenwood and 83rd

    This acquisition is not related to the Opportunity Fund application.

  2. 7:16-7:45pm Keith Bates representing the GGDDAG presented current information on the parks opportunity fund. Seven million dollars as a whole is currently available for community initiated parks development or land acquisition with a 1.5 million cap for individual acquisitions. Over 150 proposal intent letters have been submitted. The GCC submitted proposal letters for the Dry Cleaners location (Greenwood and 83rd) and the old Pizza Hut location (85th and 1st Ave N.). The GGDDAG will submit an application (the next step in the process) for the 85th and 1st Ave N. location only as the Dry Cleaners location is being considered . This is for acquisition only. Development of the park space will happen at a later date and will need separate funding. The site is open to buildings. Questions regarding the 85th and 1st Ave N. location from Greenwood citizens included noise, traffic, availability of natural light and zoning of the site. These are design issues and not related to the park acquisition. The issues will be addressed if the acquisition is approved and the development of the site begins. The site location was well received by those attending and several suggestions for uses included community center, p-patch, cafe-style seating, bus plaza, and sculpture/art plaza.
  3. 7:46-8:30 Evan Bourquard representing the Greater Greenwood Design & Development Advisory Group [GGDDAG] provided a presentation of the Town Center rezone. The GGDDAG is an advocacy group that has been working closely with both the land use committee and the community council. The group was originally formed by the Community Council to respond to the proposed Fred Meyer redevelopment through established neighborhood guidelines and since its creation has held two workshops with the Fred Meyer team. The current site is zoned at C1-40, a less restrictive zoning code, auto-oriented and often associated with strip malls. Because of the current zoning, the group has proposed the idea of a non-contract rezone. The L3 perimeter upscale of the surrounding area has been removed from the current proposal based off of community feedback during the last GCC meeting on February 23, 2010.
  4. 8:32-8:41 GCC Elections for the Board were held with nominations as follows:
    • President: Trevor Stanley
    • Vice President: Rick Klingele
    • Secretary: J. C. Vieth
    • Treasurer : Shelley Retchless

    Note: All nominees were voted into position by community members attending this meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

Submitted by: J. C. V., Secretary GCC. questions and/or corrections please send emails to: