June 2010

Date: Tuesday June 15, 2010
Location: Greenwood Library

14 were in attendance for the meeting

Rick Klingele, Vice President of the GCC, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

  1. $5 GCC Dues were collected
  2. Introductions/Short Announcements
    1. Fruit Tree projectis looking for volunteers, more information at cityfruit.org or contact Jen Mullen at 206-352-9580
  3. Aurora Avenue corridor plan, Jessica Sezlag GCC Board Member
    1. [Notes Needed]
  4. Greenwood Town Center Rezone, Evan Bourquard GGDDAG
    1. DPD is hosting a meeting about the rezone on June 29th with a Public Comments/Open House with Andrea from DPD and Sally Clark, GGDDAG attending the meeting.
    2. Seattle City website has an online survey to comment on all three parts of the rezone. Available from June 15th to July 15th [Need Survey Link]. Currently the survey only allows one submission per IP address (IE Household) the city is working on allowing 2 submissions per IP address.
    3. City wants to open up the feedback on the rezone to a wider group of people by sending out mailers and adding information to the city website
    4. GCC Attendees brought forward issues concerning details of the rezone and a general lack of understanding for the LC-30 zoning. The City mailer had no zoning information and was not translated.
  5. Greenwood Town Center Park, Evan Bourquard and Keith Bates GGDDAG
    1. City is spending 7 million dollars on parks projects improvements, new parks, property
    2. Greenwoods 1st and 85th submittal in 6th place overall 4th for the North West
    3. Call for volunteers to assist with building a website and writing to members of the city council.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Submitted by: J. C. V., Secretary GCC. with notes taken by Austin King and Rick Klingele
questions and/or corrections please send emails to: secretary@greenwoodcommunitycouncil.org

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