July 2012

    July 31, 2012 Greenwood Community Council Meeting @ Greenwood Library (8016 Greenwood Ave N).
    – There was no June meeting, nor third Tuesday of July meeting.
    – There will be no August meeting and the September meeting will be replaced with a local candidates forum at the Taproot Theatre.
    – Meeting began – ended:  7:00 – 9:00.
    – ~20 people attended.
    – Current account balance = $135.

    SummerStreets 2012 is coming!
    – Art interruptions too!

    – Improving the art walk to have the north emphasize live music was mentioned.
    [Art-Beat (art walk with art focused south and beat focused north).]
    Venues that have had live music in the past include…
    Green Bean.
    Naked City.
    Olive & Grape.
    Couth Buzzard.
    – An Artists Trust grant may be available.
    – Having art displayed in empty storefronts was also mentioned.

    – Tim’s Tavern expressed an interest in a multi-venue fundraiser… perhaps for the food bank… perhaps like the “Phinney” Pig-Out currently scheduled for October 11, 2012 at ~14 venues in Phinney and ~7 in Wood.

    – Gainsbourg has contacted SPD officer Fulmer (Penelope.Fulmer@seattle.gov) about the homeless woman frequenting Greenwood 85th-87th and has requested that their neighbors call the SPD non-emergency #: 206-625-5011.
    – NOTE:  (http://www.seattle.gov/economicDevelopment/biz_district_guide/crime_prevention.htm).
    – Perhaps NAMI (in Whittier Heights) (http://www.nami-greaterseattle.org) could help.

    – Volunteers for graffiti action organizing positions were sought.

    – “Streetscape” (public areas immediately outside of each property) beautification was discussed.
    – A cleanup that is on a regular monthly schedule would be more predictable.
    – Call the effort in Greenwood a beautification association?

    Trees are available! (www.Seattle.gov/trees/TreesForNeighborhoods.htm).

    – The sidewalk will be re-redone @ ~ (8558 Greenwood Ave. N) to remove new puddle-making topography.
    – The sidewalk in front of  300 NW 85th Street (“checkers”) may have been poorly done.
    – A street rebuild north of ~86th is not currently planned it seems.

    – A shortage of bike parking was mentioned.
    – Off-peak car parking on 85th currently exists west of ~8th NW.  Kate will review whether it could become true closer to Greenwood Ave.

    – Having a  community survey regarding what types of new local businesses people would support was discussed (“For what business do you go outside of the neighborhood?”)
    – If these businesses are simply “better” versions of business categories that are already here, then there may be no net gain in filled storefronts, just in “quality”.

    – People sought ideas of how to address rents still set at “bubble economy” rates.

    – President Fellow will write a letter supporting the request to not add a pedestrian designation to the zoning of the properties on the south side of 85th Street (from 1st NW – 3rd NW).

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