February 2012

GCC vice-president began the meeting at 7:03
15 people were in attendance
No sign-in sheet was distributed. No dues were paid.

Greenwood Park Update

Using NMF LPF & King County grant.
NE section p-patch planting to begin spring 2012.
SE section multi-sport area is in work, seeking volunteers. Bherd is involved.
(groups.yahoo.com/group/VisionGreenwoodPark) states “Please email VisionGreenwood@gmail.com for details on these work parties.”
February 29, 2012 beer tasting benefit @ Chucks (85th / 8th).

Backyard Barter Project

Using NMF Small & Simple grant.
March 10, 2012 event… Shoreline (Meridian School), though target area is “NW Seattle”. Will become citywide later.

Repaving Greenwood,85th & traffic signal revisions

SDOT “Street use” is reviewing Fred Myer curb cuts issues.
Greenwood Ave (73rd-85th) won’t start before April (resurfacing, no rebuild) (curb ramps on every corner, some as 2 ramp configuration, others as 1 ramp where 2 do not fit).
Most sidewalk work is to be on Greenwood from 84th to ~”86th”.
Though there are curb bulbs at, for example, 62nd & Phinney, there are no plans to add any to this stetch.
There have been many requests for curb bulbs @ 81st street (outside of library), but SDOT has rejected them (“people can go to 80th”). SDOT takes its direction from the pedestrian master plan (PMP), therefore, if Greenwood wants these curb bulbs, then it may be useful to get them into the PMP. NOTE: It might have a better chance of reaching the PMP if it were included in something like… (www.walkablecrownhill.org/docs/CH_Ped_Plan_Final.pdf).

Metro Service Changes

Route #5… Metro decided to not change south end.
Route #18… Metro still planning for it to pass on north edge of Greenwood rather than through the center.
Route #28…. Metro decided not to change north end.

Neighborhood Projects Fund (NPF) Projects

Traffic Circles, Greenways http://neighborhoodgreenwayssea.wordpress.com/neighborhoods/
NPF proposals from in/near Greenwood are
NPF 2012-034 – NW 8th At NW 100th Street Intersection.
NPF 2012-051 – Traffic Circle at 72nd Street NW & 1st Ave NW.
NPF 2012-054 – NW 80th And NW 65th Street Crossing Improvements on 1st Ave NW.
The Greenways discussion groups are actively seeking participation.

Neighborhood Recycling Rewards Program

Greenwood is badly losing the competition but the competition may be annual.

Business Status (Retail Vacancies, The Future Of Greenwood-Phinney Ridge Chamber, etc)

Greenwood-Phinney Chamber is undergoing a transformation. It may begin to call itself an association. It is considering a closer tie with PNA (Phinney Neighborhood Association). It is considering a move towards the term “Phinneywood”, as in the popular blog that capitalized the “W” in wood. Several people, though applauding a new energy, described this moniker as a step in the wrong direction, marginalizing the areas that are in most need of attention.
The Chamber is aiming to populate several google groups whose names would being with “PW” (as in Phinneywood).
The Chamber is aiming for “shop watch” block captains or similar. NOTE: The Aurora Chamber has a coordinator for each section of their strip (12 coordinators for a total of 80 blocks) (http://www.AuroraMerchants.org/about-us/board/).
The chamber is getting some administrative stuff fixed first before moving on to projects. The Chamber plans to meets Mondays, 5-6 @ (location was not disclosed).
The new chamber leadership includes…
President – Mike Veitenhans (Home Inspection).
VP – Jamie Clausen (Phinney Estate Law).
Treasurer – Jeff Cornejo (Phinney Starbucks).
Secretary – Liesl Mordhorst (Legacy Group).
A “board” of 23 people.
The Chamber doesn’t run the car show anymore (Greenwood Knights Car Club runs it).
Some recommended stronger ties between the Chamber & community groups. Perhaps issues with zoning, storm drains, plantings, etc can be better addressed this way.

Greenwood Community Council Board Openings

Council elections are scheduled for March 2012. All positions are up for grabs. Descriptions can be found @ (http://www.GreenwoodCommunityCouncil.org//about/by-laws-the-greenwood-community-council/).

Open Forum

Kate Martin is working a project in Licton Springs (more details in the future perhaps).

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm

Submitted by: J. C. V., Secretary GCC. questions and/or corrections please send emails to: secretary@greenwoodcommunitycouncil.org

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