Entities Serving Seattle

Entities Serving Greenwood* and How to Get Involved
*other than GCC of course!

Phinney Neighborhood Association
6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s (PNA) mission is to “build, engage and support our diverse community through programs, services and activities that connect neighbors and foster civic engagement.”  PNA works toward this mission by offering classes, events, programs, and business support for community members and business owners.  PNA is led by a Board of Directors and full-time staff of 6 employees.

Additionally, PNA runs the PNA Business Group that offers networking, business development opportunities and the chance to support the community with neighborhood events and activities.   Join the PNA listserv by subscribing here.

Seattle Public Library – Greenwood Branch

8016 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

The Greenwood Branch of the Seattle Public Library is located on the corner of 81st Street and Greenwood Avenue.  In addition to their flagship book and video borrowing program, the library provides computer and internet access, meeting and conference space, and a variety of events for children and adults alike.

Friends of the Library Park

This small neighborhood groups supports the design, construction, and continuous outreach for the new park adjacent to the Greenwood Branch Library on 81st and Greenwood Avenue.

The city broke ground on the park in April 2017 and officially opened to the public in September 2017.  Volunteers are always needed to help with painting, landscape, and general beautification. Follow the Friends of the Library Park Facebook page for information about upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

Greenwood-Phinney Greenways

Greenwood-Phinney Greenways is a neighborhood group led by residents who want to make streets safer and more comfortable for all residents, with an emphasis on creating more non-motorized transportation opportunities such as walking and biking.

Recent “successes” in the Greenwood neighborhood include painted speed bumps on residential streets, bike lanes with directional arrows, and working with landscape architecture students on potential redesign of residential streets

For the latest information from the Greenways group, sign up to receive their newsletter.

Safe Routes to School – North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway

Point of contact: Dan Anderson 206.684.8105 northseattlegreenway@seattle.gov

The North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway is an initiative led by Seattle Department of Transportation to improve the walkability and connectivity of residential streets in North Seattle.  Two projects are underway (or complete?) on 92nd St, and 1st St NW.  Improvements included sidewalk and pothole repair, vegetation trimming, addition of speed bumps on select streets, and installation of wayfinding signs.

The comprehensive North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway & School Safety Project is still in the planning phase and is expected to be complete in 2018. The plan is based heavily on feedback from neighborhood forums and online survey responses.