GCC May Meeting on Walking and Biking in Greenwood

Greenwood Community Council
May Meeting
7:00 PM Tuesday May 21
Greenwood Public Library, 8016 Greenwood Ave. N

Topic: Improving Greenwood for Walking and Biking


• 7:00 – Welcome and Introductions

• 7:05 – Round robin updates and announcements

• 7:15 – Discussion: what is the experience of walking and biking around Greenwood?

• 7:45 – Short presentations on specific projects/proposals

• 8:15 – (Separate topic): Presentation on proposed project at 1st NW and NW 85th (Pizza Hut)

• 8:30 – Adjourn

This meeting will provide an open forum about pedestrian and biking and how to improve the experience of walking and biking in our neighborhood.  We are also inviting people who have specific proposals or agendas to make brief presentations.

We’ve also been asked by the developers of a proposed project at the old Pizza Hut site across from Fred Meyer for an opportunity to share their thinking and get your feedback.  They are still at the planning stage, when new ideas can be incorporated.

The Greenwood Community Council usually meets on the third Tuesday of odd-numbered months at 7PM in the Greenwood Library.

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